Telephone Cable & Accessories

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Telephone Cable & Accessories


We Stock below products:


-Telephone master Socket Surface

-3m Telephone extension lead(5m,10m,15m)

-Broadband filter

-Telephone Cable Tool

-Telephone Plug Kit

-Telphone accessories

-Telephone Junction Box

-Telephone MAster Socket Fush

-Telephone Slave Socket(surface)

-Broadband Lead(3m,5m,10m)

-Telephone Line Cord

-Telephone Extra Kit

-Pre Packed Co-axial Splitter

-Sattelite Wallplate

-Sattelite Adaptor

-Co-axial Lead(2m,4m)(plug to plug,plug to socket)

-Hdml Lead

-Co-axial Socket(1g,2g)

-TV Sattelite Socket

-Single outlet Signal Booster

-3-in-1 Decter

-Socket 10m Garden Lead

-Telephone MAster Socket Surface

-2 Outlet Digital TV Signal Booster


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