Paints & Woodcare

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Paints & Woodcare


Choosing the correct woodcare product is the key to successfully treating interior & exterior timbers. There is wide choice available at Sid Telfers to preserve, decorate & protect from u.v, moisture, insect & fungal attack. The finish required will also have a bearing on     the product chosen.


Woodstains-- woodstain are decorative & protective coatings for interior & exterior smooth planed & rough sawn woodwork. Woodstains are usable on hardwoods & softwoods are generally weather resistant & water repellent.


Preservers-- it helps causing problems from mould, dry &wet, insect penetration, decay & blue stain.


Varnishes--it available for interior, floors, exterior, marine & fire protection. It available in matt, satin & gloss.


Oils--Danish oil, teak oil, boiled oil, tung oil &wood oil all these available in colour such as light oak & other natural wood colours. It applies to both hardwood & softwood both internally & externally paints & woodcare.

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